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GreenPharma Botanicals

GreenPharma Botanicals provides services to develop hemp plant varieties and importing seeds, producing seeds and exporting seeds, we provide cultivation services and support services for the hemp operation industry.

About Us

Green Pharma Botanicals is a Thai cannabis company which is in the final stages of regulatory approval for their cultivation and processing licences under the new hemp regulations in Thailand. In Thailand and across South-East Asia, hemp licences were previously issued only to entities undertaking research programs. In January 2021, Thailand began processing applications for licenses to produce, import, export, distribute and possess hemp. A license for any of these activities may be issued for: furthering the aims of a state agency; use of hemp fibre in accordance with culture, lifestyle, or household use, with a cultivation area limited to a maximum of 1,600 sqm per family; commercial or industrial purposes; medical purposes; study research and development; improvement of a hemp strain; and the production of certified hemp seeds.

NimbinCann Thailand will initially operate under the Green Pharma Botanicals; licences through the engagement of Green Pharma Botanicals contract farmers. It will undertake three main business activities:

  1. Seed Development – NimbinCann will contract Green Pharma Botanicals to develop 10 hemp plant varieties that are suited to the growing conditions of South-East Asia and Northern Australia. These plant varieties will be owned by NimbinCann. To reduce costs, NimbinCann will use these plant varieties in its cultivation operations. To earn an income, NimbinCann will sell seeds and clones to other hemp operations in the region.
  2. Cultivation of Plant Material in the “NimbinCann Cultivation Area” – NimbinCann will use Green Pharma Botanicals; land and licenses to undertake its own hemp operation. This operation will be under NimbinCann Thailand’s operational control.
  3. Cultivation of Plant Material by Green Pharma Botanicals; contract farmers – will allow NimbinCann to access additional cultivation capacity to meet the fluctuating demands on its customers. When NimbinCann Thailand obtains its own licenses, NimbinCann will have the option of transferring the NimbinCann Cultivation Area from Green Pharma Botanical to NimbinCann Thailand. This will include transferring the contract farmers that received the funds to expand their operations.

The plant has been used for a wide variety of purposes. It is used to make over 25,000 consumer products, from hemp apparel and accessories to house-wares and hempseed oil cosmetics. Some of the products made from hemp are: clothing, shoes, diapers, rope, canvas, cellophane, paints, fuels, chain lubricants, biodegradable plastics, paper, fibreboard, cement blocks, food, cosmetics and soap.

Hemp Farming

Hemp is a fast-growing crop that can mature in up to four months, depending on soil conditions and climate. It is cultivated for its production of long fibres for textiles, hemp seeds for oil and other uses. Under optimum conditions, hemp germinates within three to five days..
Hemp, Cannabis sativa L, is an industrial crop and is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world. Hemp is cultivated in many countries, including: China, Canada, Russia, the USA, and several European countries. In these countries hemp farming is regulated.

Demand for CBD extract and hemp seed oil for usage in high value-added industries such as medicines, cosmetics, food and beverage, supplements, and pet food – as well as demand for hemp fiber as raw materials in the auto parts and bioplastics industries – are expected to enjoy growth in Thailand and on the global market. Such trends are pivotal to subsequent increases in hemp farming investments.

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Some Insights

The conditions for growing, extracting and developing products made from cannabis continue to revolve around its medical benefits as cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that has psychological effects. On the other hand, growing and extracting Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp seed oil and fiber will see more relaxed controls, though both plants are regulated and supervised by the government throughout their supply chains. 

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